7th April 2012: Chinese Curry

And so it proves impossible to go more than a few days without having a curry.  The venue for our first curry as semi-permanent residents was Masala Art on Dagu Road, accompanied by Tim and Sarah (Bradford).  Not too bad a meal once we eventually managed to find the place…

The curry made up for yet another day of exotic shopping – today’s highlight: a clothes airer.  Given the Shanghainese people seem to excel at drying clothes any way possible (on top of shops, hanging from roof tops, across electricity cables –  to name but a few) I can’t believe how bloomin’ difficult it was to find one of the things!

Evening finished off at the Shanghai Brewery 2 in the heart of the French Concession area, joined by Haydn.  The idea was to  enjoy the Liverpool v Villa game whilst enjoying a few pints.  We managed the latter, but since the game was being shown, we certainly didn’t manage the former (final score:1-1).

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