September 5th: Knives and Bikes

The Handle Bar

Carmen, Bron, JB & Heather at the Handle Bar

In true Ronseal style, it turns out the “bicycle themed bar” we’d read about had been accurately described.  Bicycles on the walls, bicycle seats alongside the bar; The Handle Bar didn’t let us down on Monday night.  A great selection of beers too, and ideally positioned just down the street from Sailors, our favourite fish and chip restaurant (Australian owned, but definitely British in feel).  Since Carmen and Heather from Brainchild had treated us to a wonderful seafood restaurant whilst in Hong Kong a couple of months’ ago, we thought it only fair to return the favour.  Can’t beat a bit of cod in batter.

A knifeIt’s “Restaurant Week” here in Shanghai; not entirely sure what that means, but a lot of restaurants are taking part.  I think it’s to do with “tasting” menus, or getting a meal in a posh restaurant at a cheap(er) prices.  Regardless, Tuesday night with Heather and the Bradfords, gave me a first in a restaurant: “Would you like to select a knife for your steak, sir?”.  Sure enough, a selection of knives was presented.  Naturally I (and Tim) went for the biggest (although I don’t the photo really does it justice)*.  I’m not sure if the steak was any better as a result of chopping through the meat with a huge blade, but Jimmy’s Kitchen gave us the best service we’ve had in a restaurant in Shanghai so far (“No sir, please don’t pour your beer, that’s my job”).

Complaint corner then: Shanghai is a city of over 20 million people, and so tends to be very crowded.  When it’s raining, you do not need an umbrella that is wide enough to cover the two people on either side of you.  Unless, of course, you are offering to shelter those next to you from the rain, which would be extraordinarily altruistic of you.  Somehow, I don’t believe that’s the case.  PUT IT AWAY, GOLF BOY.

*Must.not.say “that’s not a knoife, THAT’s a knoife”.

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