September 30th: Mooncakes

View from the Radisson

24 million people…

Shanghai has a land mass similar to the US state of Delaware but a population size similar to that of Australia (around 24 million).  It’s absolutely no surprise that quiet spots are nigh-on impossible; that attempting to walk becomes an exercise in avoidance and dodging; that national holidays cause a mass migration that any transportation network would struggle to cope with.  The week ahead is China’s mid-Autumn festival (or “Moon Festival”) where the majority of the population has a full-week off work and mooncakes are given as gifts.  Those on holiday relax locally or head out on travels to other parts of China, but most definitely .  The office is going to be strange next week, populated pretty-much by the UK team only.

In the Radisson

John, Steve, Alex, me and Richard revolving in the Radisson

For Sunday lunch, Alex had booked us a table in the Radisson Hotel’s revolving restaurant.  One of the better ways to get a few different views of Shanghai’s various neighbourhoods – and to understand how 24 million people manage to live in one city.  Eating a meal with changing scenery was a new experience for me, but a little disconcerting for a few of us when the restaurant started to revolve back the other way and eventually stopped (a hint, I think, to leave).  A relaxing way to end the short weekend after the working day on Saturday, and Saturday night’s failed attempt to visit a few different places (alas: one new bar then back to Sailor’s for fish & chips).

By normal standards, a fairly uneventful week – but that’s not entirely true.  A very eventful week at work with another trip to the warehouse with Anny central to it.   But then again, this isn’t a work blog…

Cooler temperatures mean we can be out and about exploring again without melting.  Us in shorts and t-shirts; the locals in coats.


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