April 12th: Slow walkers, speedy crawlers

Shanghai probably doesn’t get compared to Birmingham, Alabama very often.  But it’s the only other place in which I’ve lived (albeit briefly in the case of that fine Southern US state) where the locals’ walking top speed – from a scale of “stopped” to “running” – barely registers “saunter”.  Shanghai is an incredibly hectic city in many ways, but rushing on foot from place to place just isn’t done here.  And sudden stops (to check phone, look at a shop, ponder why the British couple behind them are in so much of a hurry, etc.) are perfectly normal.  It’s refreshing and frustrating in equal measures.

Back in the house, small crawling creatures aren’t necessarily a problem.  It’s not knowing what they are that causes concern.  That and their predilection for the dishwasher.  They’re a bit quick on the move too, so definitely can’t be of Chinese origin.

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