April 15th: A weekend of sport. And Guinness.

So I was right – it turns out the small creatures are American cockroaches, not Chinese.  The pest control officers visited on Friday and Saturday in an attempt to eliminate the little blighters.  Apparently it could take up to a week…

In other domestic news we now have an air purifier for the bedroom and some huge water bottles (18.9 litres) in an attempt to avoid carrying 5 litre bottles home from the shops.  We were supposed to also get a dispenser for the huge water bottles.  It kind of helps.  Maybe next Saturday.

As for the weekend itself – Friday night was a bit of a late one, and an expensive one (£6.50 for a pint of Guinness):  a visit to an Irish Bar called “Blarney Stone” with Bronwen and John Burgess.  And several drunk but very friendly Irish people.  “Do you mind if I have a smoke with you?”, was Noreen’s introduction, perhaps a little odd since only John smokes.  Anyway, a very affable Noreen then introduced us to various members of her family, group of friends and not sure who else.  Nice to see Paul, the landlord, enjoying the benefits of owning a bar, by staggering slowly through the pub and ending up slumped onstage behind the resident band.  A top night though – will have to go back at some point.

Big Bamboo on “Foreign Street” was the venue for Saturday night, picked primarily as we knew it would be showing the Liverpool v Everton FA Cup Semi-Final (complete with commentary after a little badgering of the staff).  Always good to be in the company of fellow Liverpool supporters – Tim and Haydn – although I don’t think Ryan, John or Elouise would have been too upset if we’d have lost.  But we didn’t!  A last minute header means another trip to a “sports bar” on May 5th.

And today… As delighted as we were to attend, and as appreciative of the opportunity as we were, can I just say Formula 1 probably makes more sense on the TV and leave it at that?

Paul & Bron at Grand Prix Shanghai 2012

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