April 26th: Nearly normal

Air shipment has arrived at last.  A bit like Christmas, if you’d asked Father Christmas for a random selection of clothes, mugs, wires and other items you forgot to include in your sea shipment.  Still, delighted to have it arrive – feels a little bit more like home now.

It’s funny how quickly the everyday sights that initially felt odd start to fit into one’s view of normality (although here in Shanghai, I’m not sure what is and isn’t normal).

Recycling Man

The Recycling Man was oblivious to being photographed. The lady nearby less so.

There are all manner of recycling-collecting men/women on tricycles whilst ringing  bells in the old British rag & bone man tradition, street sellers popping up seemingly at random with barrows full of miscellaneous merchandise and professional road crossers.  The latter standing at pedestrian crossings on main roads to help victims pedestrians across, lest the car/van drivers feel they have unrestricted freedom to ignore red lights.

A 6-day working week this one.  The British move the dates of bank holidays until it lands on the right day (May day landing on May 7th in the UK).  The Chinese work until the correct date of the bank holiday arrives.  So we work Saturday to get both Monday and Tuesday off (Tuesday being May 1st).  Makes sense I suppose, but it probably won’t feel that way on Saturday.

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