April 30th: When T-shirts go wrong…

There’s a scene in Die Hard 3 where Bruce Willis is forced to wander the streets of Harlem wearing a sandwich board featuring a very offensive slogan, particularly so for the local residents.  Five minutes after leaving the house today I realised the print on my t-shirt included a number of Chinese characters.  I’ve had the t-shirt for a couple of years but have never known what the characters translated as (or previously worried about it).  I don’t think I’ll be wearing it again out here – fortunately no angry looks but some comical and quizzical ones.  It may simply state “I love China!”, or perhaps “Made in China!”.  Bronwen, on the other hand, is convinced it declares “Gay and proud”.

Very tired now after walking nearly 10 miles to the Suzhou Creek Art District and back.  Some weird and wonderful artwork (and some fantastic nearby graffiti) – may well head back at some point to make a couple of purchases.

The “Curry House” (that’s its full name) restaurant on Friday night resulted in probably the cheapest restaurant meal I’ve ever had:  our meal for two came to the equivalent of £5.80.  No English available, so all complete guesswork (“that kind of looks a bit like chicken”) and pointing.

Following our working day on Saturday, we had a bit of a late night after staying up to watch the Norwich (0) v Liverpool (3) game with a 12.30am local-time kick-off, back again at the Big Bamboo in Jing’An with John Burgess.  That following the discovery of what is definitely my favourite bar (so far) in Shanghai.  The Kaiba Beer Bar (great name) sells imported beers, including London Pride and London Porter.  Expensive, but worth it.

Off out again shortly for a meal in a local restaurant and back to the Bulldog for the last quiz night of the season.   We’re hoping most people will have left Shanghai for the long weekend so we’ll win by default.  Somehow I doubt it.

Strange artwork on display at Suzhou Creek  More strange artwork at Suzhou Creek

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