March 9th: A Little Coffee (Shop)

Things to miss in Shanghai that I didn’t expect I would, part 1 (another occasional series)*:

Jeric CoffeeThere’s a little coffee shop at the foot of the building that houses our office: Jeric Coffee.  Inside, the walls are adorned with post-it notes showing customer comments; with postcards showing photos of old China, Paris and London; and with images of Aubrey Hepburn and other film stars.  It’s a unique combination of styles and colours; it is bright, welcoming, and most definitely not Starbucks.

Jeric CoffeeEver-present is Fay, civil engineer and barista.  She is also likely to be departing soon, leaving the building entirely devoid of Westerners and ridiculously friendly coffee shop employees with an inimitable flair for décor.

Our branch of the tiny Jeric Coffee chain is without a doubt the happiest, friendliest coffee shop in Shanghai.

The coffee is not bad either.

Jeric Coffee

Jeric Coffee

*Time in Shanghai coming to an end – apologies in advance, but a few more blog posts like this one will be forthcoming.  Capturing all the little everyday bits of Shanghai that we won’t have in a couple of months.

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